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At Cn'C, we believe in reality & efficiency. We acknowledge the hustle of everyday life, and do our part to bring a sense of home to you, wherever you are.                                                                 
Chi n' Chai offers the highest grade of second flush, Single Estate Assam Tea from our family garden, to your cup.                                                         
Each handpicked tea leaf is inspected with the best experience and love, not to mention luxury grade spices infused to leave your tastebuds lingering in the Northeast.                                                  
Chi n' Chai has taken the guess work of                measurements out of the equation, the Chai Masala Mix is simple, efficient, and most of all, authentic

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Chi n' Chai is a los angeles-based, woman-based company founded in 2020.

Founder, Zuha Ali, brought the company to life during the pandemic, and the goal was achieved by fusing her Indian roots, with her western up bringing.

Our mission at Cn'C is to help recharge your battery.

You cannot love others, until you love yourself.

And you cannot take care of what's around you, until you're taken care of. 




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